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Pre-Need Message

When purchases are made well in advance of need, time is provided for deliberate consideration of values. You have probably had the experience of building or buying a home. It took some time for you to satisfy yourself concerning location, planning and materials. You used established channels for determining the responsibility of the real estate agency, the contractor, the supply houses and others with whom you dealt. You were in a position to make comparisons with other homes in order to satisfy yourself with the value of your contemplated investment.

Emergencies have a way of happening at inopportune times. There is all too often a necessity for making complete arrangements for funeral and interment on a weekend or holiday when banks and other usual places for obtaining facts on important purchases are closed. Under these conditions, and because we don’t know just what to do, we allow the situation to be placed in the hands of others. All we do is pay the bill.

Those on whom responsibility would otherwise fall will immeasurably appreciate whatever your decision may be concerning these eventual circumstances and actions.

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